Sunday, April 16, 2023

Cuba: Final Post

This will be my final Cuba post. Wow, what a trip. It exceeded my expectations. I admit it was overwhelming before I departed but now that I am on American soil I realize it was fairly easy. 

A few tips for my friends asking: 
  • Tourist Card. You will need one before departing on your flight to Cuba. I flew American and got mine at the gate. $100. Credit card only. 
  • D-Viajeros Form. You will need to get one 72 hours before you depart. It is easy. Google it.
  • Health Insurance. You will need it and it will most likely be included in your flight ticket. 
  • Money. American credit cards will not work. You need to bring plenty of cash to get through your trip. Exchange with locals for a better rate. 
  • Tour vs On Your Own. I went with a tour group and that was helpful to reduce the stress of not working with a government business (which is illegal). But you could easily use Airbnb as those are not government. 
  • Airbnb Experiences. Cubans want USD and work hard to give you a good experience. Book them. 
  • Phone. Verizon and AT&T will charge a ridiculous daily rate. Turn off your cellular connection. WiFi is not reliable. I got a SIM card (at the airport) and the data was great. Or don’t expect to use your phone. 
  • Reason for Travel. It is illegal for Americans to support the government so you can only go “in support of the Cuban people”. There is talk about needing an itinerary but no one asked for it during my trip. 
  • Taxis. Taxis are pretty reasonable and easy to grab. I got the number of a driver I met and contacted him for rides. 
  • WhatsApp. Everyone uses it. 
In the morning of my last day I had breakfast with the ladies at the resteraunt below our casa. Three more flights (one with a surprising upgrade to first class!) returned me to California after fifteen hours of airports and planes. 

It was such a great week! 

My Polarsteps map

  • Flights: Six (6)
  • Flight miles: 5,650
  • Miles walked: 26.25 (4.06/day)
  • Countries: Two (2) - one new which makes 28
  • Pageviews: 255,014
If you have been thinking about going to Cuba, do it!

Safe travels, my friends. 

Rae Ann

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