Sunday, May 12, 2024

Madrid, Days Three & Four

On my third day in Madrid I started with a walk to El Retiro park. It is a large park in the middle of the city and was filled with locals enjoying the Saturday with families. I rented a boat for €8 where my rowing skills came in handy. 

I had lunch and walked for a couple hours through the park before making my way to Prado Museum. 

At Prado I met up with my girlfriend, Michelle, from California! She was finishing a two week adventure in Europe. We visited the museum together and I made my way to her hotel and took a siesta in the lobby waiting for her bus to arrive. We had a lovely evening together enjoying some Italian food and talking non-stop. I miss her. 

I ended the evening at Plaza Mayor where there was opera music. At midnight the streets were bustling with people. Have I mentioned I love the Hispanic energy? 

Day four was a Sunday and I made my way to the El Rasta flea market. What fun! It was huge and things are so cheap in Spain. Being a minimalist makes it hard to buy but if my girls would have been with me we would have bought lots. I had a poem written for me about travel. The translation speaks of planes and trains but does not make much sense. But when he read it to me I almost cried. 

I wandered Madrid for a few more hours taking in the beautiful architecture and had a €5 lunch near Plaza mayor. 

I ended the evening having a drink with a new friend that was introduced to me from an old friend in Minneapolis. Anne and I discovered we share many interests beyond our love for Wool&. It was a good day. 

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  1. Fun pics. I think you know someone in all the major destination cities. :-)