Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Eight | The Courthouse,

We got back on the road with the goal of getting a Washington license plate. I called several salvage yards and all stated they couldn't give plates away as they were required by the state to destroy them. I wouldn't give up, so I called the Licensing Bureau in a town an hour away. Lovely Haddy answered and said, "I can't sell you one, but I have a couple at home in my recycle bin. I will drive home and pick them up. Stop by on your way through town." This is no lie people. Haddy literally left her job at the Licensing Bureau, went home to get the license plates from her recycle bin, and brought them back to the courthouse for us! AND she had an Idaho plate as well. It was surreal!

We continued down the road, crossed the border into Oregon and stopped for the standard photo.
We continued down the road to beautiful Mount Hood. Amazing. Have I said that yet? This country of ours is absolutely amazing! We drove up to Timberline Lodge, picked up a few souvenirs and ended up in Welch Village. We were all ready for a relaxing evening, so I negotiated a great rate at The Resort on the Mountain and we hung out for the evening swimming in the pool and relaxing. 
I added a Quote Wall and Slide Show of ALL our photos to the blog. Check it out in the right-hand column (on the web if you are getting email updates). 

Day eight: 371 miles (2231 total); $59.44 on gas ($289.52 total); $40 on souvenirs ($287.91 total); $0 tourist traps ($379.17 total); Two states (Six total); One Country (Two total); 1 fight (1 total); 1 injury (1 total).

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