Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Seven | Bye Cozy Cabin, West Glacier, Rafting, Idaho and Washington

We packed up and said good-bye to our Cozy Cabin in Glacier. Annelies and Scott had a little power struggle over taking her medication, so I’m going to have to mark that as our first fight. Needless to say, she refused to join us for the Cozy Cabin photo!

We drove to West Glacier, did a little souvenir shopping and drove the Going to the Sun road within the park. The drive was OK – but the scenery was nothing like the East side of Glacier. It felt more like big hills with trees vs. mountains with snow. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful but we are glad we spent more time on the East. We also noticed that the West side was very busy. Much more touristy. 
Next we went Whitewater Rafting. What a blast! We had a choice between the ‘family ride’ or one with rapids. What do you think my team said when I asked which one? Paradis said, “I want to get wet!” Annelies said, “I want the more dangerous one!” Shortly after we started floating down the river, guess who was in the back steering the raft with our guide? Yes, Annelies! Wish I had a photo to show you, but I had to buy a waterproof disposable camera; I’m hoping some of them turn out!

We bought a few souvenirs, said good-bye to Glacier, stopped at a Redbox kiosk to gear up for the drive, and drove to Spokane (5 ½ hours). Along the way we drove through Paradis, Montana. Of course we had to stop and get a picture.
We crossed into Idaho on busy I90, but pulled over on the side and snapped a few pictures. State #17 for the girls! We also crossed into Washington, but didn't see a welcome sign - we will have to get one on our way out. 
We checked in at a Days Inn in downtown Spokane and fell asleep within minutes. Good day … we are sad to see Glacier go but are looking forward to Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.  

Day seven: 519 miles (1,860 total); $0 on gas ($230.08 total); $113.76 on souvenirs ($241.04 total); $179.12 tourist traps ($379.17 total); Three states (Five total); One Country (Two total); 1 fight (1 total); 1 injury (1 total).

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