Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Two | An Anniversary, License Plate, Flood, Theodore Roosevelt Park and Lots of Miles

Day two was another success! We started on the road from Fargo, ND and ended in Lewistown, MT. Scott and I were married on this day, 16 years ago in beautiful Venice Italy - Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. On that day we vowed to see the world together and although many changes (and additions!) have occurred since, we continue to pursue our dreams.

Our first stop was Gille's Auto Salvage Yard in Valley City, ND where we scored North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Washington license plates. If you are new to following our blog we collect a license plate from every state with the goal of using the plates to create a License Plate Map. This is usually one of the highlights of our day ... crazy, but true.

We caught a small glimpse of the North Dakota flooding on I94; the road was down to one lane where the water was being held back by sand bags.

We stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the West side of North Dakota. It reminded us of the South Dakota Badlands. Beautiful. The girls stamped their National Park passport books and Annelies became a Junior Ranger.

We were determined to get a better 'Welcome to North Dakota' sign, so on our way out of the state we pulled over on the side of I94, took a picture of the Montana sign, walked (briskly) across both highways and took a picture of the North Dakota sign! SUCCESS!

We got back on the road and spent the rest of the day driving through Montana, the most desolate area of the United States I have ever seen; Highway 200 just west of Glendive. We would go 60 miles without seeing anyone or any homes; and no internet service via my treasured air card. I had to resort to knitting a scarf (finished it) and talk endlessly to Scott. He is hoping I will have internet service Friday!

We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Limekiln Canyon (Duvall Inn), just north of Lewistown. We discovered an absolutely breathtaking view outside our door upon awakening. The girls were elated to find horses roaming freely in the yard. We went on a short hike, had breakfast, and got back on the road towards Glacier. The weather is perfect.

Day two: 663 miles (935 total); $105.60 on gas ($161.20 total); $15.92 on souvenirs (15.920 total); $10 tourist traps ($10 total); Two states (Three total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (0 total).


  1. Wooot, way the go Scott and Rae-ann. Happy Aniversary!

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