Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day Seven: A Warning, Four Corners and Aztec Ruins

Tuesday we were on the road by 8:00am, and drove four hours to Four Corners. Along the way, we got pulled over by the Arizona Sheriff.  Oops. I guess he wasn't as sympathetic to my tight timeline as Scott was; maybe I should have showed him my spreadsheet. It was just a warning though.

When I was a little girl I visited Four Corners with my family (top photo); we recreated that photo today (bottom). 

A little further down the road we drove into New Mexico. You'll see I have 0 fights listed in my daily stats, but I don’t want everyone to think everything is peachy-keen. Below Paradis and Annelies are arguing over where to stand for the shot.

And here we are after they 'worked it out'. New Mexico was our 32nd state.

As we were making our way down the road Scott spied a junk yard in Shiprock, NM. If you follow us regularly, you know we collect license plates for our Map. We haven’t had time for Junk Yard Digging during this trip, but today we did. We got plates for New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. The owner wouldn't let us take a photo (weird), so I snapped this on my way out, with the camera by my side!

We drove to Aztec, New Mexico and visited the Aztec Ruins. We were able to walk through a 900 year old Ancestral Pueblo Great House with over 400 rooms. It was very cool. Annelies earned another Junior Ranger badge, and the girls stamped their passport books.

We picked up a couple Redbox movies, and hit the road one last time for the day. Just outside Aztec we drove into state #33 - Colorado. We did a normal shot, and then Scott asked the group to do a wide-armed pose. Note how excited Paradis appears.

Scott and I decided to push through to our next destination, Sand Dunes National Park, so we can sleep in tomorrow morning. In advance of these trips I do a lot of planning outlining our basic plan, but I don’t reserve hotel rooms unless absolutely necessary (e.g., Phantom Ranch at the GC). This allows us to adjust our schedule based on how we feel, accommodate for bad weather or traffic, or simply spend more time at a site we are enjoying.  

I’m so thankful to Scott for doing all the driving. Being navigator isn't all fun and games, especially when you are working with no cell service, but I’m glad I get to blog and knit instead of driving. You rock Scott!

Day Seven: 518 miles (999 total); $105.68 on gas ($150.33 total); 2 states (5 total); $124.87 Lodging  ($1,010.42 total); $25.80 Souvenirs ($623.07 total); $12 Tourist Traps ($167.80 total); $2 Redbox ($4 total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (1 total)

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