Friday, August 4, 2017

Day Eight: Alaska 2017 Finale

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I am sitting at the Sea-Tac airport, and Alaska 2017 is coming to a close. What a trip! We entered our 50th state, with an official close to Driving the Dream. Annelies went on her first cruise. The three of us spent a ton of time together, which I know neither of us will forget. It was good. Actually, it was great.

Yesterday we landed in Victoria, British Columbia. Annelies stayed behind while Paradis and I walked into town. I had a couple specific things I was looking for so we just browsed around the  shopping district (no such luck on finding my items). We were in Victoria a few years before on the last leg of a six state trip west, so we were familiar with the city.

I look tired. Trust me, I am well rested. 
Paradis and I returned to the ship, and the three of us went to the pool for the first time this trip. An Alaskan cruise is not the time to get pool time. But it was beautiful outside.

Pool in Victoria
Rae Ann's Version of Pool Time
Paradis' Version of Pool Time
Annelies' Version of Pool Time
Later that evening we went to our last show on the ship, a variety show of sorts.

Avoiding a Selfie Offspring Style
We went for our last ice cream cone of the week. How will we ever survive not having ice cream available all day long?

Today we woke early. We ate our last meal at the Windjammer, and departed around 8:45am. We had an interesting Lyft ride to Pikes Place Market (when I accidentally entered Pikes Market in the Lyft app as my destination) with a very interesting man who just moved here to look for a job working as an aerospace engineer working with drones. He was wicked smart.

We walked around Pikes Place Market for a bit, and made our way to Sea-Tac via the train. Here we sit waiting for our flight.

"What happens with Driving the Dream now that you have visited all fifty states?" I have been asked that several times this past week, and I have decided Driving the Dream will not end. I will continue to update this blog with my personal travels, regardless of who I am with or where I go. This is my dream after all, and therefore I get to make the rules. When I need a little boost in my life I often return to this blog to remember my happy times, so why stop?

Tip: If you want to be included in this (famous) blog, invite me to your home. 
Especially if you live somewhere cool! 

Thanks for following along my friends. Huge shout out to my two beautiful daughters that let me write about them, and share our lives with others. Gosh I love those two.

Alaska, 2017 Trip Stats:
  • Total three states (Minnesota, Washington, and Alaska)
  • Two countries (America and Canada)
  • Redbox: 0
  • Fights: 0
  • Injuries: 0
  • Views on Blog: Currently 43,048
  • Cruise (lodging, food, travel): $4,556.98
  • Lodging: $123.00
  • Souvenirs: $168.26
  • Tourist Traps: $1,424.60
  • Food Addition to Cruise: $234.53
  • Airfare: $1,033.20
Total Alaska 2017: $7,540.57 (give or take some change)