Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day Seven: A Lazy Day at Sea

Day seven of Alaska 2017 was a lazy day at sea. One would argue that while on vacation, you should always be lazy. Good theory. But not for a person such as myself. Today though we were lazy, so this post will be short.

The day started with me writing my blog in the Cafe’ Promenade. I am becoming a regular. I guess better than the lounge. At 11:00 I went to a Q&A with the Captain, Head of Engineering, and Head of the Hotel (this is a big hotel after all). It was fascinating. Very interesting to learn about the ship and all the inner workings.

I showered (I told you this was a slow day), and went to have breakfast - or I guess at this time one could call it lunch. The girls were still sleeping (we lost an hour, so don’t judge too much). One by one the girls woke, and joined me so what would have been a twenty minute meal turned into a two hour meal.

Paradis and I sat in our favorite spot (sixth floor overlooking the promenade) and did our favorite things…I knit, Paradis read, and we altered access to the wifi. I am knitting a Welcome Blanket that will be part of an art exhibit in Chicago, and later given to an immigrant after the display. Great project. If you are a knitter, crocheter, or quilter please consider joining the project.

Welcome Blanket -
I need to take a few minutes to talk about the wifi, because it is a constant topic of conversation for cabin #3554. The ship does not have free wifi. Nothing is free on a cruise. So if you want any connection with the outside world, you need to purchase a wifi package. You can do so in advance of departing, or during the trip. Tip for future cruisers: Purchase in advance - it is not only cheaper but you get better access. The service is called Voom, and there slogan is “The fastest internet at seas”. Lord help us all if this is the fastest service at sea. It sucks. The entire week I have had that screeching noise in my brain, that my kids will never know, when I used to dial in for internet access. Remember it? I know many of you can hear it now. Ugh. Scary slow.

I went for a drink in the lounge while I waited for the girls to get dressed.

G&T at the Schooner Bar
We had dinner at the Sapphire. Lots of good food, but my body is starting to wonder why I am eating so much. She will be ready for a break come Saturday when no one cooks for her again.

Entering the Sapphire

Dinner at the Sapphire
We returned to our room to do some evening planning. The three of us like to plan, highlight schedules, and discuss departure times. We are weird like that. Note my Welcome Blanket behind the towel animal - I sewed together sixteen squares.

Annelies Planning

Annelies - More Planning
We went to the evening show, which was a flashback of 70 and 80's movie songs (e.g., Fame, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance). I loved it, and sang all of them out loud. The girls kept looking at me and mouthing "stop it...stop it". I know they really love it. 

At 11:00 we returned to our room, and I passed out. That little nap I took in my chair overlooking the promenade that afternoon, despite a staff person approaching me and asking "Can I help you with anything?", didn't extend my evening beyond that time. But the girls sleeping until noon did, and they left for the Adult Only Comedy Show. They are still sleeping as I write this post; I will update you tomorrow as to their evening. 

We just landed in Victoria British Columbia. We will stay docked in Victoria all day, and begin our return journey to Seattle tonight. We land in Seattle early tomorrow morning, and the three of us will fly out at 3:00pm for our return to Minneapolis. Alaska 2017 is coming to a close...