Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Day Five: Zip Lining , Concert & Shopping

The morning started with a golf cart selfie...

Next up: Zip lining in a rain forest overlooking a volcano. Yep, pretty freaking awesome (and invigorating). Again, taking photos with my $5 camera bag from Amazon strapped around my neck. I have to say it was amazing (both bag and experience). I screamed the entire time. 

We drove through the mountains and had lunch at a quaint cafe in Oritina serving us yummy American food. Eli risked his life to get me a baby lime for my collection jars. 

Next stop was souvenirs (where I picked up some Cacique) and then to Punta Leone where the students performed in a park. 

We arrived at our resort after dark and had dinner. They say this place is beautiful. It took me 15 minutes to find my student rooms for check-in (some drunkin’ idiot designed the numbering system) so that is yet to be confirmed. However, I’m looking forward to discovering tomorrow. The students are on their own all day and the beach is calling my name!

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