Monday, March 25, 2019

Day Three: Coffee Plantation, Waterfalls, Butterflies & Hummingbirds

We started at Doka, a coffee plantation in Alajuela. I love factory-like tours. When I was a little girl I loved watching them on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The amount of work that goes into a coffee bean is astounding. I hate coffee. 

Next stop was La Paz Waterfalls. It was a resort in a rainforest, that had lots of native birds, insects and animals. 

We drove a couple hours to a resort in San Carlos, Costa Rica (Arsenal Springs). I feel for the families that came here for a lovely vacation and now need to share their resort with 50 high school kids. 

We had dinner serenaded by live music, met as chaperones to discuss the next 24 hours and I went back to the room. I made a couple calls and waited patiently for 10:30 to pass so I could do room checks (I was tired). 

These two (Maggie & Eli) have been fun. We are going rafting tomorrow!

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