Sunday, November 28, 2021

Final Thanksgiving Road trip

This will be my final post for my Thanksgiving road trip. It was perfect. Simple. Absolutely beautiful scenery and close to (my new) home. 

I created a short video to help me remember the sounds of this adventure (no background music added). If you like to hear the ocean, you’ll enjoy. 

Thanks for following along! I added some stats for all my stat fans. 

 -Rae Ann

Final Stats: 
  • Miles: 808
  • Gas cost: $128.79
  • Gallons of gas: 25.745
  • Miles/gallon: 31.16 (Mini-Cooper!)
  • Average cost per gallon: $5.00 (ouch!)
  • Lodging (four nights): $389.10
  • Car rental (Turo): $424.97 (insurance was $110.58, as I don’t own a car and therefore do not have insurance)
  • Breathtaking views: Too many to count
  • Views on this blog: 228,014

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