Friday, November 26, 2021

Yes Sir Big Sur

I spent all day driving down highway 1 along the coast and…oh…my…beautiful! I have so many pictures! It took me nine (9) hours to drive from Carmel to Santa Maria because I stopped so often. Around 3pm I started to panic as I was still a couple hours from my Airbnb. 

Pro-tip: There are a ton of State Parks along the way so save your pass because the first will cover all. After filling up with $5.18/gallon gas (!!) my first stop was Point Lobos Natural Reserve. It took my breath away and I didn’t realize I had 8 more hours of it. 

People get on my nerves at tourist stops and Bixby Bridge was filled with idiots so I continued down the road a bit and captured it from the other side. 

Andrew Molera State Park was a nice walk to the beach with a river crossing without shoes. 

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park was my first glimpse of Redwoods. This is the most south they grow, and therefore smallest. I can’t wait to drive north at some point to see the giants. 

I stopped for lunch at Nepenthe, which had a lovely view. 

I couldn’t miss Moonstone Beach with lovely colored rocks. These pictures don’t do it justice. 

I was losing the sun but caught the sunset at Pismo Beach. 

Wow! What a day. Just…beautiful. 

I am staying at an Airbnb in Orcutt, just outside of Santa Maria. I will sleep well tonight. I can’t believe I live in this state. 

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