Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Day Eight: A Lazy day in Paris

Day eight of Europe 2018 was slow. I stayed up until 4am, so when my alarm went off at 10am I just couldn't pull myself out of bed. Needless to say I was showering at 3pm. That is what happens while on vacation, in Paris, on a rainy day. 

I did go out in search of a baguette, in the rain, with no success. Note to self: This place shuts down on New Years.

Paradis and I ventured out to simply walk the streets, and do some shopping. We walked across Pont des Arts, the Love Lock Bridge overlooking the Seine. It was sweet to watch a few couples leaving their lock, and throwing the key in the Seine.

We walked around, stopping at a couple shops along the way. We ended up in Delices due Marengo, a small cafe where we enjoyed a couple crepes and macarons.

We ended the evening picking up that baguette, and returning to our flat to pack for our train back to London tomorrow morning. I spent a couple hours planning our time in London, while Paradis and Annelies sorted candy. When Annelies asked, "Why are we doing this?", Paradis answered "I need some intellectual stimulation."

It was a lovely few days in Paris.

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