Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day Nine: London, Afternoon Tea and Brass Rubbings

Day nine of Europe 2018 started early; we were out the door at 6am to catch the Metro for a return trip to London.

The queue for the train was ridiculous. We waited ninety-minutes for border control, making the train late by thirty minutes. That wasn't fun. But we settled in nicely for the two-and-a-half hour ride back to England (we spent our remaining cash on baguettes and chocolate croissants).

We landed in London and made our way to our apartment. It was raining so we hailed an Uber. My hands were so wet as I was navigating the app I accidentally canceled the ride as he drove up...nightmare. We ended up taking the bus.

We settled in our Airbnb apartment (7 Peacock St) and made our way to a restaurant in Covent Gardens called Crusting Pipe for Afternoon Tea. It was the perfect location with street artists performing in the garden. We had some great mother-daughter conversations. Have I mentioned yet I dig my traveling companions?

After that we did some shopping in Covent Gardens, and then went to St.-Martins-in-the-Fields to make brass rubbings. I just love this tradition; it is cheap and brings out a bit of our craftiness. The girls seemed to enjoy it as well.


We walked through Trafalgar Square, returned to Covent Gardens for some more shopping, back to our apartment to drop off our goodies, and then to the grocery store.

I must admit it was another long day. My feet are killing me, and the four hours of sleep I got last night was clearly not enough for the 7.7 miles we walked, and the 35 floors we climbed (several of them with my luggage). But it was a great day, and we had a lot of fun. 

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