Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day Twelve: St Paul's Cathedral, Globe Theater, Tims & Rat Pack

Day twelve of Europe 2018 began with a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral. We strapped on a couple audio tours and made our way around the huge church. it is big.

 To get to the top you have to climb 528 steps...and so we did. Paradis doesn’t dig heights, I am claustrophobic, and Anna doesn’t enjoy exercise so this was a challenge for us. But we made it. Check out Anna’s time lapse video.

Top of St. Paul's Cathedral
Hold on Tight Little Girl

After the Cathedral we needed a snack so we stopped at our friend Mickey D’s. It was the most beautiful McDonalds We had ever seen. 

We walked across Millennium Bridge to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. This is a copy of the original, but it was amazing to be inside. 

Paradis has been talking non-stop about a pair of “Tim’s” so she bought a pair. 

On our last free night in London (tomorrow we are on a tour) we wanted to catch another show. We chose Rat Pack. Let’s just say we didn’t go back in after the intermission. But it was a fun evening in London.

We walked 5.6 miles and climbed 49 flights of stairs today. 

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