Monday, February 4, 2019

Day Eleven: Brisbane and Beautiful Friends

I flew out of Uluru this morning. I stayed in hostels the last few days for two main reasons...the first is cost. Instead of renting an entire hotel room I can get a bed for around $30-45/night. The second reason is to connect with others. 

My favorite part of travel is making new friends. Yes, I love the landscape and the food and the history but it is the connections I make that make me yearn for my next adventure.  

As I prepared for this trip many friends and co-workers were surprised I was traveling solo. I admit I would love to have a smoking-hot-wealthy-intelligent-loving-well-traveled-adventurous companion by my side - but for now I travel alone. My urge for adventure does not wane while single (but if you know anyone that fits my description please send them my way). I do love traveling with my girls but to bring them triples my expense; I think they understand - or I hope it encourages them to work hard so they can do this themselves some day. 

I landed in Brisbane to sunny skies. My friend Jenny picked me up. Jenny is Deb’s niece and I met her as well in Minneapolis during a Prince event.

She has two beautiful little girls who remind me of my own when they were that age. It was fun to be around their energy, curiousity and sweetness. Valentina and I ended the evening watching a show together in bed. 

I am beyond grateful for their hospitality and makes me forget I’m traveling alone. 

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