Sunday, February 10, 2019

Day Seventeen: Tour of Town, Davenport & a Lime

I slept in again and made my way to a nail salon first thing. Getting a manicure & pedicure is a nice way to end a vacation. 

I had every intention to do the Sky Walk next, which would have had me walking on an exterior ledge 632 feet in the air. I saw the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus and bought that instead. Chickened out. 

My first stop was the ferry which I boarded and went to Davenport. I had a lovely lamb wrap for lunch (lamb is huge here), walked along the harbor and returned to Auckland. I had to do some planning using my maps again as my phone isn’t getting cellular service in the CBD. 

I got back on the bus and rode for a couple hours as I learned about Auckland. It was nice. 

I picked up some treats for the crew of my flights tomorrow and jumped on a Lime scooter for my return to the hostel. What fun! I was anxious about navigating with my pack and a grocery bag of candy, as well as a busy sidewalk, but it was a piece of cake. 

I did some “final” packing, had the other half of my lamb wrap and drank a ton of water to hydrate for tomorrow. Three flights will get me home...Auckland to Sydney (3.5 hours)...Sydney to LA (14 hours)...and LA to Minneapolis (4 hours). I need to be at the bus at 4:30am so an early start. Good night!

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