Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Day Twelve: Springbrook, Tamborine and Unicorns

I jumped on the bus from Jenny’s and landed in downtown Brisbane. I spent the day on a tour of the rainforests, west of the Gold Coast. 

Our first stop was Springbrook rainforest. Absolutely stunning! Very cool inside and surprisingly no bugs. I cannot recall being in another rainforest so I’m labeling this my first. 

Next we visited a glow worm cave. They aren’t worms but maggots - it would be hard to market a maggot tour. They are pretty cool and have an amazing life cycle. 

Next stop was the Tamborine rainforest where I swung from a vine like Jane (that is a complete lie). But the walk was very nice and the weather was perfect. Cool and no bugs! 

I ended the evening back at Jenny’s playing dress up with Valentina and Gia. They like unicorns because according to Valentina “everyone loves unicorns - who wouldn’t? They are so cute!”

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