Friday, February 8, 2019

Day Fifteen: Sexy Socks, Auckland & a New Friend

This was a travel day of sorts and my last in Australia. Australia is huge - same size as the states lower 48. I couldn’t do it all within the short two weeks I had, but I feel I got a good flavor as to the people, culture and landscape. 

Australians are beautiful people. I would describe the culture as “chill”, even in the big city. As a solo female traveler I always felt safe (as safe as a solo female traveler can feel). The landscape is one big “happy place” for me...lots of beach. It was (admittingly) a bit hot for me but I’m chalking that up to unusual highs. 

I would love to return. I have so many other places I still want to see I’m not sure I will, but I would definitely go back. I could live in Australia, as my friends suggested before I stepped foot within, no doubt. 

A friend asked me, “do you post only the good stuff on your blog?”. Nope. This is genuine and all me. Yes, there are some bumps along the way that I don’t include simply because they are no more exciting than my daily dump. 

Here are a few for your misery-pleasure: I forgot my electrical-converter in Uluru (I hope some young traveler will benefit from it) and my water bottle at Deb’s. My feet started swelling a couple days ago (hence the sexy compression socks for flights and sleep - don’t worry, I know wearing them all day would diminish my chance of finding that hot-sexy travel partner), and a huge zit just popped its ugly head (literally) yesterday. And despite my goal to travel light my suitcase could barely close today - I do not see that as a failure. 

But the good outweighs the bad by leaps and bounds. I saw friends I hadn’t for some time (one 34 years), and made many new. I have learned a great deal about another country and some about myself. 

Travel makes me happy. I’ve been asked “do you think you travel to run away from something?” Maybe. Although I’m not aware of anything. I answer “I feel I’m running TOWARD something rather than AWAY”. Like this view...

Today I boarded a flight to Auckland New Zealand. It was uneventful. I enjoyed a nice meal in the airport (I’m including a photo only because I love the new portrait-mode on my phone). 

I landed in Auckland and met a new friend. My friend Donna’s cousin lives here and prior to me leaving on this trip Donna connected us. Sands offered to pick me up from the airport, which was so generous, and we went out for dinner. 

I’m staying at the Haka Lodge Hostel. I spent some time talking with my (so far) two roomies. One is a younger 20’s women from the Netherlands that will be traveling New Zealand for six weeks starting tomorrow and the other is an older 20’s man from the UK who is just beginning a two year work-vacation Visa. They inspire me. They have such adventurous minds and as I’ve learned - adventurous people are kind. 

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