Saturday, February 9, 2019

Day Sixteen: Ferry Drama, & Waiheke Island

I let my body sleep a little too long this morning (no alarm) and got a late start. One of the biggest challenges of travel for me is organization. I’m “OCD organized” and living out of a suitcase challenges that disorder. I’m sharing a room with a man from the UK, who is also a Project Manager, and is challenged by the packing woes as well. I instantly bonded with him. 

This morning I left in a bit of a hurry and forgot: My umbrella (it was raining), my sunglasses (prescription) and my shopping bag. Things like that psychologically throw me off at first and I have to “get my head in the game” in order to plow forward. Onward I went (with some trepidation). 

I jumped in an Uber and made my way to Auckland harbor. Sands and I planned I would board the 11am ferry to Waiheke Island, which would stop at Davenport and she would join me. Little did we know half of Auckland would be attending a birthday party on the island. After a few messages we realized my ferry would not be stopping to pick her up as we were full but we would meet on the island. 

We spent the day shopping and walking the beach. The dollar is healthy in New Zealand so I bought too much (which creates more packing stress). 

The landscape of the island was very green - woodsy. Beautiful. The rain stopped as soon as we landed on the island (no umbrella needed),  I bought a $10 pair of sunglasses, and the first purchase I made she gave me a free sari bag. See how it all works out?

We jumped back on the ferry and Sands nearly missed her departure at Davenport! I am going to miss her...we had an absolutely wonderful time. 

I walked back to my hostel using a good old-fashion map (my phone wasn’t picking up GPS) and jumped in the shower. I spent a couple hours re-packing my suitcase and talking with my roommates hearing about their adventures. 

I walked across the street to Coco’s Cantina, had a lovely dinner and planned my last full day of this adventure. I shed a few tears in my bunk bed tonight knowing it was coming to an end. 

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