Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day Four: Cuyahoga Park, Flight 93, and some Laundry

I spoke too soon in yesterday's blog post when I said "Note the 0 fights" in the stats. Last night Scott and I stayed up to watch a documentary including interviews of spouses that died on Flight 93. It probably got a little late for everyone, but there was a little tension in the hotel room before we went to sleep. Needless to say, the day started off with a moratorium on electronics. The girls were pumped, as you can tell. Not!

After our free breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express (love them!) we went to Cuyahoga National Park near Akron, Ohio. It was interesting to hear about the 300+ miles of canals that were hand dug and flooded to move goods up and down Ohio. Our family will travel over 2,300 miles in just 11 days with such ease; it makes me think how easy we have everything now. The movies are one of our favorite things at National Park sites.

We continued east, and crossed our 36th state, Pennsylvania. I couldn't get the sign into focus because of the angle. They really need to create a pull-off section for crazy people like me!

Scott and the girls get a little silly waiting for me to set up the tripod and get the settings right.

Further east, we stopped at the Memorial site for United Flight 93. We let the girls take a 59 minute break from their electronic moratorium on the drive, to watch the same documentary we had the night before. The Memorial is not yet done, but it was interesting to see the sight. So sad.

I stopped to pick some leaves from the memorial trees that were planted, for our collection jars. They were all dead - no destroying National Park property my friends. 

After driving through the Allegheny Mountains, we made our way to Hershey Pennsylvania in preparation for ... you guessed it! Our visit to the Hershey Chocolate Factory tomorrow. 

We did some laundry, ordered some pizza, and had a couple hours to relax. It was another good day on the road. And yes, on the last lag we allowed the girls to watch a movie. Oh how we enjoy that sisterly-love!

Note: No Redbox rentals yet this trip. They were added to the statistical summary a few trips ago, because we would rent so many. However, our friend Rachel gave the girls a huge stack of DVDs before we left, and they haven't finished them yet.  

Day Four: 394 miles (1,706 total); $56.01 on gas ($156.31 total); 2 states (5 total); $109.99 Lodging  ($401.46 total); $12.67 Souvenirs ($66.45 total); $56 Tourist Traps ($61.00 total); $0 Redbox ($0 total); 1 fights (1 total); 0 injuries (0 total)

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