Saturday, December 30, 2017

Day Five: Paris

Day five started with rain, so we hailed our first Uber in England. We picked up sandwiches at the St Pancras station and boarded a train to Paris around 11:30. 

I love the train. I chose my current home in Minneapolis because it is on the Blue Line - one of the few trains we have in the city. When I’m on the train I feel a sense of calm. I love the noise. I love the people. I love knowing it can bring me anywhere in the world (although I know the Blue Line can only bring me to TCF Stadium). Riding the train to Paris brought back so many memories of previous visits to Europe. It was surreal to be sitting next to my girls. 

We landed in Paris where a rainbow greeted us. The weather has been so much warmer than back home, but we have had rain almost every day. 

We settled into our flat (40 Rue Laugier - Airbnb), and unpacked our bags. We have a unit to ourselves, which will be nice for the next few days. We ventured out to get groceries, which is always an adventure...Annelies is a picky eater and super cautious about trying new things. Paradis and I have to hold back on buying too much. 

The elevator in our building is so freaking small. It says a max of four, but I can’t imagine fitting that many. I have a bit of claustrophobia, so I have to take deep breaths and go to my happy place the entire ride. 

We ended the evening making dinner. I should have taken a photo because we rarely do that at home. 

I did some planning for the next few days, and the girls watched TV. Favorite quote from Paradis “I have no idea what they are saying, but it sounds so beautiful I want to cry!”

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