Sunday, December 24, 2017

Europe 2018

I am sitting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport ready to board a plan to Heathrow-London. I am introducing the girls to Europe for the first time, and I am beyond excited.

The last time I was in Europe was sixteen years ago. Their father and I went together, without Paradis. It was during that trip we decided to put our Europe travels on hold and focus on visiting all fifty states. It was a great plan, but that goal has been accomplished and we are moving on to bigger things. 

We will land in London and spend a few days with the Purple Princess, Renata, at her home in Poole. Friday we will return to London and take the train to Paris. We will spend five days in Paris, including celebrating the coming of the new year. We will return to London, where we will spend the remaining five days including a showing of Hamilton.

Pinch me.

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