Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Day Three: New Forest, Hampton & Sex on the Beach

Day Three of Europe 2018 wasn't quit what we planned, but it ended nicely. The three of us slept until 10:30am! I was completely shocked, because that was fourteen hours...yikes. We showered and made our way down the stairs to find a note from Renata saying she had to go to the doctor for her eye.

Ollie and Alex (and their puppy Bella) came to get us for lunch in the New Forest (a national park). It was created in 1079 by William the Conqueror, which is apparently 'new' to the Brits.

My Gin & Tonics come with these cute little bottles

Yummy Celebration Chocolate cheesecake

Alex, Bella, Ollie, Paradis, Annelies and Rae Ann on Boxing Day

While eating lunch we learned Renata needed surgery for a detached retina, so we scrambled a bit to find a place to stay for the night so we could be out of her way when she returned. We packed our bags, and ended up at a Hampton Inn in Bournemouth. Very nice. 

The girls and I walked to a local pub where Paradis ordered her first (legal) drink "Sex on the Beach" - a whole pitcher for only £6 ($8). Annelies had a wine spritzer. I had...yes, a g&t with another cute little tonic bottle. 

It was a simple evening with lots of laughs. I just dig being with these two. The girls fell asleep around 22:30 while I sat in the hall for a couple hours talking to a cute boy; we discussed my next travel adventure, which hopefully will be to a warm climate this winter. 

Sex on the Beach and a Wine Spritzer

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