Thursday, December 28, 2017

Day Three: Bournemouth, The Beach & Sunset

Day three of Europe 2018 started with a few phones calls to readjust our plans a bit. We were scheduled to return to London at 4:00am on Friday, but decided to return Thursday instead to avoid that early wake up call. The next task was buying a new convertor. We failed to read the fine print "do not use with hair straightener". Note: I do not straighten my hair.

Next we decided to walk around Bournemouth. We are staying downtown, so our walk to the beach was about two minutes. It was cold, but the beach remains my happy place. I collected some sand and shells for my collection jars.

The shops around our hotel are typical of a beach town; clothing and souvenirs. As I was dropping my postcard into a postal box Annelies said "Watch it be a trash can." That made the quote wall. We thought about going to a movie, but they were all sold out so we returned to our room for a bit of R&R. 

Paradis and I wanted to catch the sunset, so we walked to the beach around 16:00. Annelies stayed in the room; I dig that girl, but she maxes out a bit earlier than Paradis and I. We ended our evening at the end of the Bournemouth pier enjoying a mulled cider and Baileys Hot Chocolate. It was a lovely day. 

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