Friday, December 29, 2017

Day Four: London, Scaffolded Ben & Tired Feet

I was told I forgot one of the best parts of day three, so a small addendum...Paradis and I ended our evening at The Stable where we enjoyed some yummy pizza and a flight of cider. I need to drink more cider.

Day four started with the alarm waking us for a 10:00 departure to Bournemouth Coach Station. We boarded an uneventful bus ride to Victoria Station. I just love traveling with these two, but I want to point out the entire trip is not smiles.


Once we landed in London, the first stop was to buy a hair straightener. Remember the converter blow up from day three? It is the little things that make us all happy. Please note the word "all".


We walked to our flat (Airbnb at 62 Acton) and dropped off our bags. Pasta was the dinner of choice, and we landed at Albertini. The food was superb (spaghetti & bolognese, a salmon salad, and goat cheese pizza).

Our next goal was to make our way to Big Ben for an iconic photo on our first night in London. We exited the underground to find Ben covered in scaffolding. I slightly recall reading this would be an issue when booking this trip, but blocked it from my memory. After standing on the street staring at it wondering if we were in some sort of dream...we looked at one another and laughed. All part of traveling, and we still posed for the iconic shot.


We walked a bit around Parliament Square and made our way back to our flat with a couple quick stops along the way. It wasn't even that long of a day, but I was so freaking tired I could barely walk back from the underground (lack of sleep the night prior had something to do with it I am sure). My body is a bit older than it was the last time I was in this beautiful city, but I hate to admit it. I'm having fun despite that fact.

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