Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Day One: Barcelona

The first day was pretty much a travel day. It took us 24 hours to get to Barcelona via Chicago and Brussels. People often say to me “You must have a lot of money since you travel so much”. I answer “No. I’m frugal with my travel.” Travel means different things to everyone. Some like to go on a tour and not think about logistics. I like to spend less so I can do more. Steve and I built this trip off a $496 ticket into Barcelona and out of Lisbon. That is a great deal. 

We arrived in Brussels after a bit of a delay due to some rain in Chicago. Overall it was an uneventful eight hours and I got some sleep. I don’t try and calculate how much or my brain begins to think I’m tired. I’m not here to sleep. 

We landed in Brussels and went back in time a bit. I love passport stamps. They aren’t as common as they once were and I often find I have to ask for them. 

First fact about Steve: He likes beer. 

Some may wonder “Why did Steve end up being the lucky one to venture on this trip with Rae Ann?” Everyone travels differently; how you spend your money, at what pace you want to move, the types of attractions you want to visit are just a few. After meeting at the bar, Steve and I spent a couple hours talking about our travel approach. Many of our desires lined up perfectly. At the end of the night Steve asked “Should we try a dry run?” I said, “Sure. How about Spain and Portugal?”

We landed in Barcelona and took a taxi to our hotel. At least we thought it was our hotel. After a short period we learned the reservation Steve made was cancelled. What? So we walked a couple blocks and got something else. If that is our biggest woe this will be a great trip. 

We dropped off our bags and took the metro to Park Güell. This is a park built by Gaudi originally intended as a residential area but it never took off. It was very...eclectic. Beautiful tile work. 

Off to Sagrada Familia which is beyond impressive. We grabbed our first beer and watched as the sun set over the amazing structure that was started in the 1800’s but is yet to be complete. 

We walked the Las Rambla, which is simply a street, but where the fun happens in Barcelona. We had dinner at Taller Tapas where I had the best Cava of my life. Well, I had two. 

We came across a parade with these amazing huge puppets of sorts, as well as an amazing light show. 

We both felt great at 11pm but knew we would crash quickly. I couldn’t even get my blog written I was so exhausted when My head hit the pillow. 

It was a great first day. 

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