Thursday, September 26, 2019

Day Three: Mallorca

Day three started early with a 9:30am flight which allowed us this beautiful sunrise. 

Second fact about Steve: He likes TV. Apparently funny TV. (I’ll post video on Facebook)

We arrived in Palma Mallorca and picked up a car. We drove into the city, did some walking, shopping, and eating again. We  visited the Cathedral of Santa these churches are ginormous!! 

Beautiful, super cute city. I will add this to my list of “places to live”. 

We drove to Pollença where we will stay for a couple nights. We are at a hostel called Bellevista. The town is on the water and also so cute. Will add to list. 

We had dinner at Angelo, where the food was spectacular. I had a lovely chicken and rice dish and Steve had some pasta with prawns. 

We stopped for a couple drinks and wrapped up fairly early. The season is definitely ending as some restaurants have already closed and the crowds are null. 

Great first day in Mallorca. 

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