Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Day Two: Beach, Paella, Ramblas

We spent day two walking toward the beach, that looked like it went on forever. The crowds in Barcelona are not bad. 

There were several street markets we enjoyed along the way. 

Our goal for the day was paella. Most dishes are served in portions for two and we were hoping to get something lighter so we didn’t need an afternoon siesta. We read pretty much every menu along the beach front. But it was great. For those that know me, I did eat that chicken leg...with bones!!

Throughout the day I sampled drinks of Spain; Vermut  (lovely), Gin & Tonic (lovely), Sangria (lovely), Aperol (lovely) and Cava (lovely). I figure while in Spain...

We spent the remaining day walking (a lot) and sipping on some local drinks. Ever had a “cone of meat”? Just meat. In a cone. Ya, crazy. 

We came across the Cathedral of Barcelona (beautiful) and started following a group that was walking in. We realized it was actually for a service and snuck out the back! But is was beautiful inside. 

We ended the night in a lovely bar on the streets of Barcelona. We should have ended it earlier, as our wake up call would come quickly, but Barcelona is a lovely city and why sleep? 

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