Saturday, September 21, 2019

Spain - Morocco - Portugal

I'm back on the road my friends! I'll be gone for nearly two weeks traveling to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Three new countries and one new continent!!

I'm traveling with my new friend Steve. Steve and I met less than two months ago. At a bar. Our mutual friend Robert introduced us. We discussed travel, as I so often do with people. When Steve's girlfriend mentioned she didn't have as much PTO as Steve she said "You two should travel together". So here we are.

I love to travel. I'm single. I'm not going to give up the first because of the second, and I don't always follow cultural norms. I figure it is similar to one of those tours you take where you don’t know anyone, but this tour group is just a bit smaller. 

Meet Steve. I know him as well as you so I can't tell you more. But I’m sure we will both get to know him more over the next couple weeks.

Below is our schedule. I’m excited for the architecture in Barcelona, beaches in Mallorca, cultural observations in Marrakech, and music in Lisbon. 

SundaySeptember 22Minneapolis to Barcelona
MondaySeptember 23Barcelona
TuesdaySeptember 24Barcelona
WednesdaySeptember 25Barcelona to Mallorca
ThursdaySeptember 26Mallorca
FridaySeptember 27Mallorca
SaturdaySeptember 28Mallorca to Marrakech
SundaySeptember 29Marrakech
MondaySeptember 30Marrakech to Lisbon
TuesdayOctober 1Lisbon
WednesdayOctober 2Lisbon
ThursdayOctober 3Lisbon to Minneapolis

As I was getting ready this morning I realized I’m doing a pretty good job living the words that hang on my bathroom mirror. 

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