Saturday, September 28, 2019

Day Seven: Good-Bye Europe, Hello Africa!

Day seven (I realized I was a day off, as the first post was really two days) included a bit of travel. We had breakfast at our favorite place - Grand Cafe’ 1919 (per Steve “Best coffee of the trip!”). We drove back to Palma, returned our car and flew to Madrid. 

I stopped for a quick soak/massage for my feet at the airport (mini pedicure), had a great salad and we departed for Marrakech. 

It was an uneventful second flight and we landed in Morocco...freaking Africa (my fourth continent, Steve’s third)!!!

We arranged a driver to take us to our hostel (Rodamón Marrakech). It is really nice. 

After checking in we walked to Jamaa El-fna, a square in the Medina. The smell, of what I think is gasoline, is so overwhelming my throat is seriously raw. People are correct when they say Marrakech will stimulate all your senses! Wow! 

There are all these mini-kitchens throughout the square that serve you super cheap food. Steve and I are a bit hesitant. Tomorrow night we are doing a food tour so we may venture to a stand. 

We had dinner at Zeitoun Café where we enjoyed some tagine, which is the vessel it is baked in. Steve wanted a beer but alcohol is pretty rare in Marrakech so he had to settle for carrot juice. 

Around midnight we walked back to our room. The walk back was a bit easier than when we left as all the little alleys are crazy! 

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