Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Five | HOT Tabasco, and a drive to New Orleans ... the Big Easy

Day five (Monday, March 29) started out at 9:23am when we boarded the RV with mom and dad for a trip to New Orleans. We crossed into Louisiana (our sixth state).

We drove 347 miles and arrived at Avery Island where we toured the Tabasco factory, a favorite of Scott's. It was fun to see the Tabasco being bottled and we bought some souvenirs. Mom and Annelies are holding up 'Flat Stanley' for my nephew Jack.

We didn't do much else Monday, other than drive. We made it just north of New Orleans (511 miles total for the day) to Slidell, where mom and dad stayed at a Motel 6 (only $45 for the night) while we slept in the parking lot!

Day five: 511 miles (1,612 total). $369.04 on gas ($832.42 total). $0 on souvenirs ($28.01 total). $0 on tourist traps ($99.55 total). Two states (Seven total). No fights (0 total). No injuries (1 total).

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