Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Two | Krispy Kremes, a warm shower, Laura Ingalls, a junk yard success and the Titanic - what a day!

Day two was another success. We started our morning (from the Walmart parking lot) with some Krispy Kreme donuts (who doesn't love those?). We drove to a local campground, which appeared to be closed. I slipped into the bathroom and enjoyed a nice warm shower while Scott 'dumped the goods' from our RV! On the road to Mansfield, MO and the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder where she wrote all her books - very interesting. This was our third Little House tour (Walnut Grove, MN and DeSmet, SD).

We made another junk yard stop at Elliot's Towing and Salvage Yard and had major success! We got license for Missouri, South Dakota, California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. The girls had a blast and could have stayed for another five hours! But off to Branson, MO.

We arrived at the "Tourist Trap Capital of the World" ... I mean, Branson Missouri. Branson is filled with every tourist trap you can imagine. We enjoyed one of them - the Titanic Museum. It was VERY cool. Tons of items to see and interesting facts.

Off to Walmart to look for a Missouri pin for our collection. All out. We cooked a dinner of pasta in the parking lot and drove to Walgreens for a $0.99 pin. Score! At 10:55pm we arrived at our 'hotel' for the night - Walmart, Clinton Arkansas! Tomorrow we will get to Hope Arkansas, home of Roz and Roger Prasnicki. Annelies will be excited as she has been asking every hour, "Are we going to see Grandma and Grandpa today?"

Day two: No fights (0 total). No injuries (1 total). 329 miles (930 miles total). $215 on gas ($415 total). $16.46 on souvenirs ($24.66 total). $99.55 on Tourist Traps ($99.55 total). Two states (Four total).

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