Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Six | Alligators, a tour of New Orleans, yummy Beignets and a little rain

Day six (Tuesday, March 29) started in Slidell, Louisiana. We finished filling up with gas (filled the night before, but the pumps max you out on two fills at $100 each per day and we needed another $58 - total of 76 gallons!). We drove to Pearl River Eco Tours where we went on a swamp tour. We had lots of fun. Saw lots of alligators, wildlife and learned a lot about the eco-system in New Orleans. Annelies was the favorite on the boat, asking endless questions to our tour guide (go figure!).

We drove into the French Quarter of New Orleans (yes, with a 36 foot RV - mom had to close her eyes the whole way) and parked at an RV park (right in the middle of the French Quarters - very cool). We walked to Chartres House Cafe and enjoyed a lunch of traditional New Orleans food. We boarded a van where we spent three hours on a city tour. The girls enjoyed the cemetery stop the best, seeing all the grave sites above ground (we stayed so long our guide almost left without us).

Our guide dropped us off at Cafe Du Monde, Rae Ann's favorite place in New Orleans, for yummy, yummy Beignets. Oh so good. A balloon guy came by and made a hat for Paradis and Annelies. It started to rain and my dad was ready to head back, so we jumped a cab and went back to the RV. A good day in New Orleans, albeit a bit busy.

We departed New Orleans to get a couple miles under our belt and arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mom and dad stayed overnight at another Motel 6 ($45 a night) and we went and parked at Walmart. We opened the RV up and enjoyed a couple hours of re-organizing/cleaning (OK, that was all me) while Scott caught up on emails and the girls watched a movie. It was a great day in the Big Easy ....

Day six: 121 miles (1,733 total). $0 on gas ($832.42 total). $24.59 on souvenirs ($52.60 total). $335.00 (!!) on tourist traps ($434.55 total). One state (Six total). No fights (0 total). No injuries (1 total).

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