Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Seven | Waffle House, the Travel Center, a junk yard, and a lot of miles

Day seven (Wednesday, March 30) started from a Walmart parking lot. Dad wanted to eat a hot breakfast, so we went to The Waffle House, just next door. What an experience!The floor was so slippery with grease, Paradis nearly fell over! But yummy food ... Annelies ate more in that one meal than she has ate on the entire trip!

We started on the road and stopped at a Welcome Center at XX to 'dump our load'. This may be hard to believe, but it was beautiful. There was a four-minute movie, and Annelies watched it four times! The girls had a blast. It is the simple things that entertain our girls ... crazy! We continued driving and stopped at a junk yard near Alexandria, Louisiana. Success! We got six more plates including Florida, which we needed!

From there we drove straight back to Hope. A good ride. I drove nearly the whole way (OK, only three hours - but it was enough!). We arrived at mom and dad's house and their dog Sassy could barely contain her excitement. This was only the second time they had left her and the dog sitter said she didn't eat the whole time. Can we say, "spoiled dog?"

Day seven:  365 miles (2,098 total). $0 on gas ($832.42 total). $0 on souvenirs ($52.60 total). $0 on tourist traps ($434.55 total). One state (Six total). No fights (0 total). No injuries (1 total).

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