Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the road | An injury, a sandwich, Dove chocolates and the Internet- Heaven!

We are on the road! We (finally) departed at 10:26am and are 66.8 miles into the trip. We've had our first injury, a regular occurrence with Vandeputte travels. After getting Annelies her inhaler from the drawer, I left it open and bashed my shin into it on the way back to my seat. Lovely. Lesson learned.

Since I was up at 6:30am, I'm ready for lunch. I fixed myself a sandwich and some chips. My lovely husband surprised me with a LARGE Dove chocolate bar for desert (another regular occurrence of Vandeputte travels). I love him. And I'm up and running on the internet. I'm in heaven! The only thing I need is some knitting ... I'm moving on to that next. 

Temperature on leaving: 19 degrees


  1. i love the updates! can't wait to hear more. enjoy making funny and lasting memories! Heather

  2. I'm looking forward to staying connected with your updates! I hope you have a phenomenal time - keep the injuries to a minimum and the chocolate to a maximum! :)