Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Three | A bike tire, Grandma and Grandpa, Bill Clinton and Texas

We started the morning (from Walmart parking lot in Clinton Arkansas) heading to Little Rock to pick up a tire for Scott's bike. He is hoping for a ride while at the in-laws. Next stop was Rae Ann's daily shower at a gas station - talk about disgusting! We (finally) arrived at my mom and dad's house at 1:00. They were so excited to see us.

We (nearly immediately) drove to the house Bill Clinton grew up in. It was just made a National Park. The tour was interesting. We did a geocache at the local train depot and walked through the museum. Got a slushie at Sonic and went home to pick up dad and Scott.

We drove to Texas, just 30 minutes from Hope, to a city called Texarkana. The city has the state line going down the middle of it. The kids loved stepping in two states at once.

We went back home, had some Cajun potatoes and enjoyed the evening. Good day ...

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