Monday, August 8, 2016

Day Seven: Dunkin' Donuts, Peaks Island, and a Night Out

The weather here seems almost perfect. The sun is out, but not too hot, and the humidity is tolerable. Annelies opted for a day in the hotel because "being on an island freaks her out" (don't ask me how she survived Hawaii), so Paradis and I packed up our beach bags and drove to Casco Bay Lines to catch a ferry to Peaks Island.

On our way to the port, we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts. I have seen a couple of what we now term "double D's" in Minnesota, but I have never been to one. There is a Dunkin' Donuts every 100 feet in New England (they are based in Massachusetts near Boston). It is crazy. We now wish we would have counted the number we saw along our journey, but that would have been impossible.

Our virgin voyage to Double-D's
We arrived at the port ten minutes before departure, just in time to grab tickets and hop in line. It is a bit busy in Portland. We just made the cut off to get on the boat. They only leave every hour, and I shed a tear for the family that was right behind the cut off line.

Peaks Island
We asked a local where we could find a nice patch of sand to sink our butts into, and walked a nice leisurely pace to Sandy's Beach. It was a secluded beach that I determined was inhabited by mainly locals, while ease-dropping on a couple conversations. Yes, I ease-drop.

Paradis and I plugged in our headsets, laid back, and simply enjoyed the sun. Note: I just downloaded a new podcast, Dear Sugar. It is hosted by Cheryl Strayed (Into the Wild) and Steve Almond. It is funny, and simple, and they swear. Yes, I swear.

The beach is my happy place. Every day I make financial decisions in my life to ensure that I can travel in my 'later years'. I will live on a beach someday. I'm confident of that. If I don't make it, my funeral directions (and yes, I have them all written out in a Google doc), state to spread my ashes on a beach. So I will definitely be on a beach in my later years.

My beach view
We had lunch at The Peaks Island House Restaurant. Paradis had her first lobster roll. I took a bite. Seafood freaks me out (in the brain), so I can't say I will be opting to pay $25 for a bunch of butter-soaked-lobster slapped on a hot dog bun, but I'm glad I gave it a try. And Paradis may be doing it again.

I opted for ice tea instead of a G&T
After lunch we did some shopping on the island, and took the ferry back to the main land. It was a great little day trip. I took a nap, jumped in the shower, and drove to Falmouth just a few minutes from Portland. Linda and Bill Lundborg live in Falmouth, and I knew them when we lived in Linden Hills (Minneapolis). They own a beautiful home, and it was fun to catch up. If you ever need any graphic design or copy writing please check them out, as they are super talented:

Great night with Bill & Linda Lundborg
Getting away for the night, while the girls swam in the hotel pool and walked to get dinner, was a great diversion. I enjoyed the adult conversation and a couple glasses of wine with Bill and Linda. And as I was drifting off to sleep I heard Paradis say, "It was a fun night Anna."

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