Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day Ten: A Birthday, the Beach, Ice Cream & a Nap

Today I turned 49, while sleeping in state #49. And it was a good sleep, as I slept in until 9:49! Next week is going to be a huge awakening when I have to return to work.

I'm not a big birthday person, and I just ask that my girls acknowledge the day. Paradis always does so much more. (Annelies slept the day away. Paradis and I have determined her vacation limit is one week.) We went into Southwest Harbor and had breakfast at the local bread store. I wish I could have bought every loaf of bread inside, and ate it. 

Birthday Breakfast
Afterwards, we packed a lunch and drove to Bar Harbor's Frenchman's Bay. On the way we stopped for some photos. It is really beautiful here. It reminds me of northern Minnesota, with a much bigger lake.  

My goal was to collect enough sea glass for my collection jars. It was sprinkling a bit and the temperature had fallen. But Paradis hunkered down and searched. 

Sea Glass Searching
My Happy Place
The beach is my happy place. Did I mention that yet? 

Forty-nine feels great!
We ate our lunch, and stopped for ice cream in Bar Harbor. I'm normally not an ice cream person, but something has happened on this trip to change that, and I'm going to have to starve the next two months in order to fit back into my wardrobe when I return!! 

We returned to The Farmhouse, and the girls gave me a card. Made from two index cards, and duct tape I had to close my hairspray in my luggage. Paradis said, "We didn't dare use more than two cards, and went as light as we could on the tape." It was sweet. (I love index cards)

Birthday Card
I took a nap. I think it was almost two hours. It felt great. 

I packed a bit (as we leave here tomorrow), did some laundry (because I like to return with clean clothes), and watched a movie. Probably my first movie in about a year. No lie. 

It was a great day. Relaxing. I did things I enjoyed. The girls were with me, and also nice to me. Forty-nine feels great!

p.s. I'll get pictures of The Farmhouse tomorrow when we leave, so it is empty. But here is one of the tree swing ...

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