Monday, August 8, 2016

Day Eight: Yarn, Red's Eats, & Southwest Harbor

We slept in. Again. We love to sleep. No apologizing.

We left Portland and drove along Rt 1 toward Southwest Harbor. Our first stop was at Halcyon Yarn in Bath, where I spent way too much money on yarn to weave placemats. Paradis forced me. ;)

Halcyon Yarn
We peaked at the Bath Iron Works where they build ships. We couldn't go in but saw some being built, and it was cool. 

Our next stop was in Wiscassets, for Red's Eats. The Lundborgs told me they had the best lobster rolls in the world, and the hour long wait in line tells me that is true. Or they just have excellent marketing. A young man came by every 15 minutes or so and brought us umbrellas for shade, water and popsicles!! Anna started like this ...

At the beginning ...

And ended like this after Paradis and I forced her to smile ...

After popsicles ...

After being in line for one hour, one tends to order WAY too much food!! Another brilliant marketing technique. 

Red's Eats Lobster Roll

Paradis said the lobster roll was good. I took one bite; I won't be taking another (I'm sorry, the whole seafood thing creeps me out). 

Those three stops took us five hours!!!! So we decided to just plow through to Southwest Harbor since we still had 2 1/2 hours to go. My friend Siri took us on what seemed like back roads, but what turned out to be a gorgeous drive. 

I admit I was getting a little crabby after being on the road all day (this driving thing and me don't get along), and I may have mentioned to Paradis, who was riding shotgun, that she wasn't entertaining me enough. So she stomped her way to the back, and Anna came up front and entertained me with some Snapchat fun. 

Snapchat fun

We arrived at our Little Farmhouse in Southwest Harbor, that I rented via VRBO, and simply unpacked and hunkered down to our respective personal devices. Our Farmhouse is so cute. I'll post some photos tomorrow. 

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