Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day Four: Harvard, a Friend, and three Witches

We drove into Cambridge where Paradis and I toured Harvard, while Annelies sat in the car avoiding the walking tour and feeding the meter. I fully admit the tour was more for me than Paradis. But it was fun to see the campus and hear stories about student life.

Feeding the Meter at Harvard

Harvard Selfie
My friend Marsy works at Harvard, so she met us for lunch and shared her secret lunch spot. It was so nice to see her. I regret not getting a selfie. Sorry Marsy ...

After lunch, we drove to Salem. This has been the portion of the trip that Annelies has most anticipated. She has been reading up on the Salem Witch Trials for weeks, and has been eager to get her Tarot cards read.

We first visited the Witch House, which was the home of the Witch Trial judge. It was ok, but didn't have enough 'witch stuff' for Annelies. Although I did find her reading every thing inside.

The Witch House
Next we went to the Witch Dungeon, which was a perfect combination of theatrical wizardry and storytelling. Annelies ate it up. I learned a great deal.

Witch Dungeon
Next we had our Tarot cards read. I need to fully disclose that I'm an everything-must-be-scientifically-proven-to-be-true kind of person. But I loved what my reader told me, and fully admit I found myself telling her things I haven't shared with many people, which helped ease the pain of the $50. Paradis was skeptical, and oddly quiet after the reading, while Annelies couldn't stop talking about it. It was fun. I suspect Annelies will be buying a set of Tarot cards soon.

We walked to the Salem Maritime National Historic site. It was interesting to read about how Salem became one of the most important ports during Puritan time.  I admit I didn't know it was more than simply a town where a bunch of people reacted very dangerously when experiencing a heightened state of fear. It reminds me of our current Presidential Election. (Sorry, couldn't help it)

"I hate selfies with my mom."
"If I just pose, it will be less painful."
We ended the night at Mary's place talking about our readings and giggling. A lot. The girls and I are going to miss her. Tomorrow we are off to Vermont and New Hampshire ...

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