Monday, August 1, 2016

Day One: New England, 2016

We are back on the road again! I fully admit I'm a bit emotional as we start our journey today ... only one trip remains after this and we will be done fulfilling my dream of seeing all 50 states with my girls, and we are one member short of our previous journeys. But as I sit in the airport waiting for our plane to depart I'm reminded how much I love to travel. How much I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and simply exploring this vast country of ours.

Over the next twelve (12) days we will travel six (6) states in New England. We will visit some historical places, spend some time on the coast, connect with old friends, and I'm sure make a couple new. You can view our map here. You can view our itinerary here.

The morning started with Annelies texting "Who wants sausage, eggs, and toast." Let me paint a picture for you ... It is summer, and I have seen Annelies approximately four (4) minutes every day, and that is on a good day. She hibernates. She doesn't like much interaction with her mother. But I know she is excited to get on the road when she ends up making us a three-course breakfast. (and I fully admit I texted back, "Are you making it? We only have twenty minutes ...".) I wish I would have gotten a photo of the lovely breakfast, but I'm sure you won't be surprised to know I was too caught up with making sure my kitchen was fully clean before I left.

Scott picked us up promptly at 7:00am and we were on the road.

Thanks to TSA pre-check the check-in process was painless, and we went to McDonalds for our standard $13 worth of drinks (and some freshly baked cookies).

The first of I'm sure many selfies where the girls avoid me.

I'm so glad to be back on the road my friends ...

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