Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day Three: Boston U, Freedom Trail, Great Dinner

Day three started by parking at the beginning of the Red Line so we could take the subway all day. My girls love the subway. I like to think it is the 'city' in both of them.
Navigating the subway

Paradis and I toured Boston University. Annelies sat in the Admissions office.

Boston U Tour
We jumped back on the subway and hit the Freedom Trail. It was a lot of walking, and it was hot. But our goal was to make it to Mike's Pastry ... for cannoli. The Freedom Trail was an interesting way to see many historical sites. I have to admit it is cool to think about being at all of these places where the revolutionary war begin.

After a couple hours we made it to Mike's. Cannoli and gelato were enjoyed by all.

Mike's Pastries
We went back to Mary's house, and had dinner at Gustavo's Cuban Restaurant. It was delicious. We were all tired, but sat up talking longer than we had planned. Spending time with Mary has simply been lovely. We all feel as if we have known her for years. 
Annelies, Rae Ann, Mary and Paradis

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