Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day Eleven: Acadia, Bangor & Our Friend Ruby

We checked out of The Farmhouse at 10:00. I knew I would, and forgot to take photos. Ugh. But click here for the VRBO link. It was awesome.

We drove to Acadia, bought our pins, and hopped on the Island Explorer. I love the idea of a free bus that you hop on and off throughout the park. Why doesn't Yellowstone do that? I know, money ...

Sand Beach, Acadia

Thunder Hole, Acadia
We rode the majority of the loop, but got off at Sand Beach and hiked to Thunder Hole. It was beautiful. We stopped at Jordan Pond next for their famous popovers. Let me say, yummy. 

Popover, Jordan Pond
After Acadia, we drove to Bangor about an hour north where we will fly out tomorrow. We checked into our hotel and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Ruby is a familiar friend, and it was nice to spend our last night with some familiarity. 

We do this pose at the end of most trips, but it was just weird. And awkward. And we will not be doing it again ... but we laughed a lot trying to make it feel right. 

One last thing ... Annelies bought this ring when we were in Salem. It has something to do with Satan, or Witches, or ... oh I have no idea. But she has wore it every day. At some point in every day she has asked Paradis and I "Who turned my ring upside down?"  At first we just ignored her, but she seriously thinks someone is taking her ring off and turning it upside down. During the middle of the day, while she is awake. Paradis and I are going to pee our pants the next time she asks. She is so superstitious, and we are not. 

The mysterious moving ring ...
Tomorrow we fly out at 6:00am, so it will be an early morning. We picked up Dunkin' Donuts in advance. 

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