Friday, January 25, 2019

Australia - New Zealand: Day One

I'm sitting in the MSP airport waiting to board a flight to LAX where I will catch a plane to Melbourne-freaking-AUSTRALIA! I am beyond excited (as noted in all caps).

I will be traveling for two-and-a-half weeks to Melbourne, Alice Springs, Uluru (Ayer's Rock), Brisbane and jumping across to Auckland in New Zealand as well (view map). When I land in Melbourne the temperature will be 106 degrees is cold in Minneapolis today but I think I will thaw out quickly.

I am getting this flight FREE through my US Bank Travel Rewards Card. I'll say it again, if you do not have one - get one (click here). I'm up to $13,040.81 in FREE flights (last summary). The card also gives FREE GoGo use on flights (WiFi) - which I love - and $25 credit for any travel expenses.

  • Previous total: $10,233.97
  • Minneapolis-Australia-New Zealand: $2,348.62
  • Cancun (2016): $458.22

  • I am traveling to the land-down-under on my own but will be meeting friends along the way. This will be the longest flight I have taken to date...four (4) hours to LAX and fifteen (15) to Melbourne. Have I mentioned I'm beyond excited? 

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