Sunday, January 20, 2019

Women's March 2019 | Washington DC

The last couple days I was in Washington DC to take part in the Women's March. It was a simple and inspiring 72 hours of travel.

I flew in Friday morning and took part in the Medicare for All lobby day. I met some wonderful women and a small group from Minnesota that I hope to connect with when I return. I  consider myself engaged in our political system but would not say active. Some would disagree and say I am active, but I know so many that do so much more and I value them. Our system is truly simple. If we just speak up change can happen. Unity.

In the afternoon I checked into our AirBnB. It was located near Foggy Bottom and was perfect for our group of seven. I knew only one, my friend Mary. She orchestrated the group complete with friends and family. It was lovely. Friday night we settled in to meet one another and talk endlessly like women do so well.

Saturday morning I woke bright and early to volunteer for the Women's March. I was surrounded by mainly DC residents. I enjoyed the morning getting to know all of my team members and greet buses as they arrived from all over the country.

When my shift was over I connected with my new Minnesota Lobby Friends and marched with thousands of other women hoping to bring awareness to issues affecting all of us. It was organized, peaceful and inspiring. It may sound crazy but along my walk I ran into my house-mates so was able to complete the walk with them as well.

Minnesota Friends

We returned to our house. Some took naps, some drank wine but we all discussed the day and how we plan to bring our energy back home. We gathered for dinner at Cafe Plus (decent food, good service) and returned for more conversation.

It was a wonderful weekend and I feel grateful for new friends I made along the way. Someone asked me this weekend what I like most about my travels...nature, museums, etc. I answered "the people". I could have become friends with so many people I met. There are truly a lot of kind people out there.

I end this trip with 55,260 views. Get out there and meet someone kind. Rae Ann

p.s. I'll be back in five days when I board my trip to freaking AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND!!

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