Thursday, January 31, 2019

Day Seven: Victoria Market, Boat Ride & Gnocci

I was a bit tired when I crawled out of bed this morning. It was a short night. But time is ticking and this is my last day in Melbourne. Tony, Deb and I drove into Victoria Market. It is a lovely market with all of the regular stuff. I had some oysters - and if you know me you know I'm not a seafood lover but I survived.
Eating an Oyster
Deb & Tony at the Market

Learning the Money
After the market I went on a boat ride down the Yarra River that runs through the middle of the Central Business District. It was really nice. Melbourne is such a beautiful city. 

Yarro River in Melbourne
Central Business District
I took the train back to Brighton and joined Deb in making gnocchi. It was wonderful. I think my apron helped with the rolling. 

Making Gnocchi

I finished the evening washing my clothes, scheduling a ride to the airport, packing and watching another episode of Married at First Site - I may need to find this online once I leave. 

My time with Deb, Tony and the boys was fabulous. I feel so fortunate to have spent the time with them in their city. Melbourne itself is absolutely wonderful. I'm adding it to my list of 'cities where I want to live' 

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