Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day Six: Wallabies, Koalas and Penguins - Oh My!!

Day six started off early waking at 5:30am. I’ve found it is a good time to connect with my girls (note: we have a 17 hour time difference). I decided to jump on a bus tour for the day. First good thing about traveling solo: Easy to get a last minute booking.

I took the train into the CBD (not the kind you smoke but the Central Business District). I joined Bunyip tours and our first stop was Moonlit Sanctuary where we had lunch and fed wallabies! It was crazy. They are super soft and docile (probably because it is freaking hot here). I figure I’ll sweat the ice cream off  today.

Our next stop was Churchill Farm on Churchill Island. It was a working farm (e.g., cattle and sheep) which was very familiar, but the views were not - spectacular. 

Next stop Cape Woolamai, a surf beach. Wow...just wow. 

Next stop was the Koala Santuary on the island and we saw a koala on the move! Very unusual I’m told. He was inches from me! 

Next stop was Cowen Beach for some food. I had dinner with my new friend Michaela from Germany (currently living in Oklahoma), a couple G&Ts and ice cream. Second best thing about traveling solo: Making new friends. 

Next stop was along the coast to see the Nobbies. It cooled down a bit and started to rain. But we got lucky. 

Our last stop was to watch the little penguins return to their nests from spending a day or more in the ocean gathering food. No photography allowed but let me tell you, they were freaking cute (although it wore me out  watching those poor things make their way up the shore - they looked exhausted)!

I’m currently on the bus returning to Melbourne. This was a wonderful tour and would very much recommend. Our tour guide Ian was wonderful and we saw such a nice variety. 

Nearly 18,000 steps today. I’ll sleep well tonight. 

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