Sunday, January 27, 2019

Lost Day Two and Three

My flight from MSP to LAX was uneventful, as was my layover. 

The flight from LAX to Melbourne was good as well. This was my longest flight...15 hours. My tips for a long flight: Compression socks (not sexy but miraculous), neck pillow (BCOZZY my favorite), layers, comfy clothes, good headset, avoid alcohol (this may be the only time I write that sentence) and drink tons of water. I spent most of the time reading and closed my eyes at times as well (not sure I got more than a couple hours sleep). Overall the flight was really good and the Virgin Australia crew was wonderful.

Bottle of Champagne from Virgin Australia

When I arrived in Melbourne my beautiful friend Deb picked me up from the airport. Note her license plate. Deb and I met in Minneapolis during the 2017 Prince Celebration. When she said “you need to visit me in Melbourne sometime” I took her up on it!

We drove to Deb’s home where I met her lovely family, had a bite to eat and took the best shower of my life! We sat around talking for a bit and Deb’s husband Tony made us a lovely meal of lamb and roasted vegetables - a tradition for Australia Day (January 26). We took a walk to the beach for which you know is my happy place.

We ended the evening with ice cream. I made it until 9pm and then hit my bed. I slept the entire night - thankfully (note there is a 17 hour difference). I'm ready for day four of this adventure!

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