Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Christmas Cancun 2018: Final Post

We returned from Cancun almost a week ago and I'm just getting to this final post. It was a fun trip.

Day two was Christmas Eve and as I said we had our photo taken with Santa. It felt weird being in our swimsuits around all the Christmas activity but it was great! The staff were awesome at our resort and they went out of their way to make Christmas special for those that celebrated. We ended the evening at the bar but settled in early due to our wake-up call.

Christmas Eve dinner
I've been to Mexico several times (I can quickly recall nine) but have never been to Chichen Itza. This was the trip. We boarded a bus at 7:15am, so it was an early morning. Our first stop was Ik'kil, a resort with a beautiful sink hole. After a cold shower we walked the easy hike down. The girls quickly descended the ladder and jumped in the frigid waters. They swam for a bit but after a few minutes of treading water Annelies was done. Paradis jumped from the ledge while Annelies waited for her pulse to return to normal. It was beautiful down there.

Our next stop was Chichen Itza. History fascinates me. A few things to contemplate:
  • On the spring and autumn equinoxes there is a light-and-shadow effect on the temple which makes a serpent god appear to crawl down the side of the pyramid. This thing was built in 600 AD - how the hell did they get that all lined up without GPS?
  • In 2007 it was named one of the NEW Seven Wonders of the World - not to be confused with the SEVEN Ancient Wonders of the World. A little research into the Seven Wonders prompted me to add these to my bucket list. 
  • The Mayans played a game similar to soccer where they could only touch the ball with their hips, elbows or knees. This may sound simple, but to score a goal they had to get the ball in a stone ring 30 FEET above the floor of the backcourt. Crazy. AND...after each game they would sacrifice (aka cut the head off of) one player. 
  • Lots of sacrificing in the Mayan culture. Many children.
  • An American purchased Chichen Itza in 1894 for only $20. For thirty years he explored the site and built a home. After he died his heirs sold the land to a tourism pioneer. In 1972 Mexico enacted a law to put all the pre-Columbian monuments under federal ownership. 
It was hot. I mean super hot. Our tour guide was super interesting but one can only look at a stone pyramid so long (I could have used more information in an air conditioned building). 

This is how we felt...HOT!

We couldn't resist

Someone next to us was jumping on their sister's shoulders
Annelies tried but Paradis wanted nothing to do with it

Looking for a treasure for our Collection Jars while faking a selfie
After walking around a bit we got back on the bus and fell asleep for the three hour return. We ended our third day at the lobby bar. 

Day four I woke before the girls and went to the beach for some time alone. In the afternoon we took the bus to do some shopping. 
Blogger heading to the beach alone

Mexico Shopping for jewelry
When we returned we stopped at the lobby bar for a drink. Paradis went out to dinner with friends while Annelies and I ate at the Mexican restaurant on site. Annelies absolutely devoured her meal - which is a bit unusual. It was so good she asked me to take a photo of the menu - she had the Poc-Chuc, a traditional Mayan meal.

Our final day in Cancun was uneventful as we packed and hung out on the beach until our taxi came. It was a great trip and nice to get some time with both girls. 

I end this trip with 54,996 views and even more travel adventures in my brain. See you soon! Rae Ann

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